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Firm History


Proudfoot and Bird Established

William T. Proudfoot and George W. Bird founded Proudfoot & Bird in Des Moines, Iowa after working in Kansas together. 


Crocker Building

Located on the Southwest corner of 5th and Locust the Crocker Building was the first known office of the firm. 


Collegiate Building - Schaeffer Hall

Proudfoot and Bird won the design competition for the University of Iowa's Collegiate Building currently named Schaeffer Hall.


Dallas County Courthouse

Firm designs the Dallas County Courthouse, which is completed in 1902.


Lang Hall

University of Northern Iowa


Begeman Hall

University of Northern Iowa

Marston Hall

Iowa State University


Biology Building

University of Iowa


Beardshear Hall

Iowa State University

Polk County Courthouse

The Polk County courthouse was completed in 1906. The stone masons who constructed the grotesques took some creative liberty to leave their own personal mark in history. 


Macbride Hall

Macbride Hall, the building of Natural Science, at the University of Iowa was completed in 1908.


Curtiss Hall

Iowa State University


Proudfoot Bird and Rawson

Harry Rawson joins Proudfoot and Bird to form Proudfoot Bird and Rawson around 1910. They emerge as the foremost Architectural firm in the state through the 1920's.

In 1913 the firm moves into the Hubble Building which will house the office for over 80 years. Pictured below is the firm in 1913, the Hubble building, and office plans.


Currier Hall

University of Northern Iowa

Lagomarcino Hall

Iowa State University

Sabin Hall

University of Northern Iowa. Originally called the Training School, Sabin hall was an educational building where young children from the community could go to school while students attending the University could do their "practice teaching" while experienced teachers supervised. In 1957 it was renamed Sabin Hall.


Herring Motor Car Company

The original building located at 110 West 10th street Des Moines, was completed in 1912. Two stories were added on 1 year later. As the company continued to grow Proudfoot Bird and Rawson remained their architect completing yet another building in 1918. 

State Gymnasium

Iowa State University


Des Moines Register and Tribune Building

Des Moines, IA

Greene County Courthouse

Firm designs the Greene County Courthouse, which is completed in 1915.


Bartlett Hall

University of Northern Iowa


Wright Hall

University of Northern Iowa


Hotel Fort Des Moines

Completed in 1919. 


Equitable Building

Des Moines, IA

Lincoln High School

Construction of Lincoln High School completed.


Parks Library

Iowa State University



University of Northern Iowa

Mackay Hall

Iowa State University


Memorial Union

Iowa State University

Proudfoot Rawson & Souers

The firm is renamed for the partners Proudfoot, Rawson, and Souers.


Kinnick Stadium

University of Iowa


Dubuque County Courthouse

Dubuque, Iowa

Iowa Des Moines National Bank (US Bank)

Currently known as US Bank, the Art Deco building was originally designed and built for a high rise above the 4th floor. However due to decreased funds the high rise was never constructed.


Brooks & Borg Join the Firm

John Brooks and Elmer Borg join the partnership, Elmer being the first engineering partner. The firm is renamed Proudfoot Rawson Brooks and Borg.

Burton (Des Moines) Building

Des Moines, IA - Art Deco Style


Firm Reduced to Three Employees

The firm reduced to John Brooks and two others during a period of WWII, 1942-1945.


Firm Renamed

After WWII, the firm is renamed Brooks-Borg.


Des Moines Art Center

Brooks-Borg collaborates with Eliel Saarinen to design the Des Moines Art Center, 1945-1948. 

Harvey Ingham Sciences Hall

Drake Univerity, Des Moines, IA - Collaboration with Saarinen, Swanson, Saarinen

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