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Iowa State University

College of Human Sciences

Construction Data:

  • Human Nutritional Sciences Building: 34,400 SF
  • LeBaron Hall: 61,500 SF
  • MacKay Hall: 86,400 SF
  • Palmer Building: 34,400 SF

Completion Date: January 2014

Evolving space needs in four linked buildings near the heart of the ISU campus initiated this study of the building systems to determine how well the existing buildings will support programmatic needs. The Dean of the College and Facilities Planning and Management requested a summative graphic document that would quickly communicate conclusions reached in the study. A series of green-yellow-red color coded plans summarize good-fair-poor conditions for each primary system. A detailed narrative and spreadsheets provide the in-depth information needed to support future maintenance and planning strategies by the University.

BBS Architects | Engineers reviewed existing drawings and performed a visual assessment to prepare the report. Conditions and capacities of each primary site and building system were assessed including primary mechanical and electrical equipment. Architectural spatial quality was also reviewed. Corridor and wayfinding systems, restroom locations and capacities, and general visual characteristics of entrances and primary spaces were documented.

Sabin Hall Renovation – LEED Gold
ETRC Hoover Hall
Geoffroy Residence Hall
Beardshear Hall Remodeling
ETRC Howe Hall
Food Sciences Building - Room 2379 Renovation
Levitt Center for University Advancement
MacKay Hall Auditorium Renovation
Goodnow Hall Restoration & Renovation
Biological Sciences Facility
Extension 4-H Youth Building
Chemistry Building Addition & Renovation
VRAC C6 and Office Suite
Union Drive Community Center Renovations
Lance and Ellie's Sandwich Shop
Coover Hall Infrastructure Study
LeBaron Hall Replacement Study
Des Moines Public Market
Kemin Food Sciences Lab Renovation
Memorial Union Food Court
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