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Kemin Food Sciences Lab Renovation
Kemin Food Sciences Lab Renovation
Kemin Food Sciences Lab Renovation
Kemin Food Sciences Lab Renovation
Kemin Food Sciences Lab Renovation
Kemin Food Sciences Lab Renovation

Construction Cost: Estimated $542,900
Completion Date: Estimated January 2017

This project involves the remodel of an existing lab in the west wing of the Food Sciences building into an updated teaching lab for students in the Food Sciences program. The architectural scope of the work included providing a layout incorporating all the new equipment, casework, and their required adjacencies, designing new finishes for the space, and closely coordinating with ISU’s preferred casework designer for all casework and fume hoods. The mechanical scope of the work included exhaust services for four new fume hoods, extending supply air to the room with new air control valves, providing lab gases to the lab tables and the fume hoods and extending sprinkler service to the room. The electrical scope included new power for the lab tables, multiple pieces of equipment and hoods and new lighting carefully integrated with the lab arrangement and design elements of the ceiling. As the lab is on the second floor or a three-story building, the scopes of work physically extended into the floors above and below the remodeled space. Extensive on-site investigation and coordination was completed to properly include the work in these spaces in the bid documents.

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