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VA – Hospital Emergency Room Renovation & Expansion
VA – Hospital Emergency Room Renovation & Expansion
VA – Hospital Emergency Room Renovation & Expansion
VA – Hospital Emergency Room Renovation & Expansion

Site Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering: Partnering with Snyder & Associates
Project Data:

  • Relocate/Widen Circle Drive:
    • Cost: $1,505,000
  • Building Expansion and Renovation:
    • New Construction: 7,700 SF
    • Renovation 4,900 SF
    • Cost: $3,800,000

Construction Completed: 2013

The Emergency Department (ER) has outgrown its existing facilities and to accommodate the growth, a new addition and accompanying renovation of the current facilities is necessary. Design objectives include providing additional exam space to meet privacy requirements, improving staffing efficiency, accommodating drive-through ambulance bays on the site, accommodating a future second floor and integrating the addition architecturally with the adjacent facilities. In addition the ER entry and lobby will double as the public entrance to the Medical Center during nights and weekends.

Exam spaces are expanded from two shared and three private existing rooms to 10 private cart rooms and four exam rooms. A centralized nurse station improves staff efficiency. Dedicated access and egress drives to and from the new enclosed ambulance bays and a new public drop off canopy and drive with new parking spaces facilitate traffic flow and public wayfinding. The building addition is blended with the existing facility with matching brick and cast stone accents. A curved cast stone faced wall and new canopy delineates the public entrance. The public lobby and waiting areas feature ample daylighting and views to the exterior.

Construction is occurring in one site phase and three building phases. The site phase entails the relocation of a portion of the Circle Drive adjacent to the ER to provide adequate site area for the building addition, vehicular access, and visitor parking. Concrete retaining walls, paving, site utilities, and lighting comprise the project scope.

Building phases address the need to maintain continuous occupancy in the ER. The first phase is the construction of the entrance and waiting areas, followed by the remainder of the new addition including treatment spaces and concluding with renovation of the existing ER.

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