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Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

Arizona Farm Bureau Center
Arizona Farm Bureau Center
Arizona Farm Bureau Center
Arizona Farm Bureau Center

Project Data: 50,000 GSF 
Construction Cost: $5,932,398
Completion Date: June 2003

Client Need:
Creating a new home for the Arizona Farm Bureau, this building doubled the space of their previous facility. Farm Bureau occupies the second floor of the two-story structure. The first floor provided expansion space for the growing Farm Bureau operations. The building provided new amenities such as a large boardroom and training room with extensive information technology systems; a wellness center with exercise equipment and shower facilities; and a large break-room with an outdoor patio.

BBS Approach:
The project was part of a 2,000-acre Master Planned development of the historic Morrison Ranch.

Project Results:

  • To relate to the agricultural theme of the development and the agricultural mission of Farm Bureau, the building was composed using simple abstract agricultural forms drawn from ranches and farms in the region.
  • Substantial brick walls are in-filled with agricultural type corrugated metal siding materials.
  • Brick fin walls, sun shades, and large overhangs were incorporated into the design to help shade the building from the intense Arizona sun.
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