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General Services Administration (GSA)

Owner: GSA - Iowa City
Architectural and Engineering Design Services: BBS Architects | Engineers
General Contractor: N/A
Construction Completed: N/A
Project Data: 96,000 SF 


Client Need: The renovation of the Iowa City Federal Building for the VHA was under budget as construction wrapped up. Because of this, the General Service Administration (GSA) added an 
equipment evaluation, short-circuit study, arc flash hazard analysis and selective coordination study for the building’s 
electrical distribution system.  For this study, a detailed assessment of each switchboard, panelboard, and other large 
electrical equipment was conducted to verify the equipment condition

BBS Approach: The final report documents any deficiencies identified in the equipment evaluation with a rating of the risk and 
a proposed solution.  Overcurrent protection unable to be fully coordinated due to limitations of their adjustable 
settings will be identified.  Results of the short circuit and arc flash calculations at each piece of equipment will be 
provided, including but not limited to the available fault current, arcing fault, arc flash incident energy, and circuit 
breaker settings.  Any recommended changes to the circuit breaker settings based upon the results of the arc flash 
and selective coordination study will be documented and fully explained as well.  If changes to the breaker settings 
are approved by the GSA, a licensed electrician will make these changes at the time the arc flash hazard labels are 

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