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General Services Administration (GSA)

Owner: GSA - Kansas City, Missouri
Architectural and Engineering Design Services: BBS Architects | Engineers
General Contractor: N/A
Construction Completed: N/A
Project Data: 1.2 million SF

Client Need: This study involved a complete electrical system audit and arc flash analysis of electrical equipment at the Richard Bolling Federal Bldg. located in Kansas City, MO.  The study included 843 pieces of electrical distribution equipment located throughout the 1.2 million square foot building. The electrical system information was taken from existing one line drawings supplied by the Owner as well as by field verification.  The Panel cover removal required to gather information was completed by electricians. The electricians were contracted through BBSAE as part of the overall cost to complete the study.

BBS Approach: Arc Flash/Shock Hazard labels were provided on all switchboards, panelboards, motor control centers, VFD’s, starters, and disconnects to warn qualified persons of potential electric arc flash and shock hazards. The labels identify the protective clothing required to work on the equipment while energized.  All labels were installed by the project electrical engineer.

Project Results: The final report included an arc flash hazard analysis table, overcurrent protection settings, a short circuit study, corrective maintenance actions, thermal infrared and visible light photos of each panelboard, and recommendations for selective coordination of breakers and fuses.  In addition to the arc-flash study, electrical one-line drawings for the facility were provided in AutoCAD format.

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