BBS Architects Engineers

United States General Services Administration (GSA)

Owner: United States General Services Administration (GSA)
Architectural and Engineering Design Services: BBS Architects | Engineers
Structural Engineers: Raker Rhodes Engineering
Civil Engineers: Snyder & Associates

Fire Protection: Summit Companies
General Contractor: Woodruff Construction, LLC
Construction Completed: 2018
Project Data: 44,000 GSF
Construction Cost: $12,500,000

Photo Credit: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio


Client Need: After the Post Office moved out of the facility, the GSA had a need to repurpose the main floor of the Iowa City Federal Building for a new tenant - the Veterans Health Administration of Iowa City. VHA was interested in converting the available building areas to outpatient clinic spaces.


BBS Approach:

BBS worked closely with representatives from the General Services Administration and the Iowa City Veterans Health Administration to develop a master plan for the building to provide new space for multiple VHA clinics and departments. The design process included extensive input from VHA's Facility Design Department, Compensation & Pension Clinic, Dental Clinic, Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Clinic, Prosthetics Department, Office of Information Technology, Logistics Department, and Safety Department. Through listening to the needs and desires of each of these groups, BBS was able to develop creative and responsive design solutions. The end result is a modern and healthy facility that provides veterans with convenient access to high quality outpatient medical care in downtown Iowa City. 


Project Results:

  • Federal Design Requirements

  • Adaptive Reuse of Existing Building

  • Outpatient Healthcare Design

  • Multiple User and Stakeholder Groups

  • Planning & Programming Services

  • Multi-Phased Design and Construction

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