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Beardshear Hall Remodeling
Beardshear Hall Remodeling
Beardshear Hall Remodeling
Beardshear Hall Remodeling
Beardshear Hall Remodeling

Construction Data: 40,700 GSF
Renovation Construction Cost: $5,868,000
Completion Date: 2003

Beardshear Hall is a classical structure designed by Proudfoot and Bird, a predecessor firm to BBS Architects | Engineers. Built in 1906, the building is a prominent campus landmark and has housed university administrative offices and student-related functions for the University since its construction. The primary focus of the renovation is to reallocate space to allow development of a University Student Help Center on the ground floor. Other project objectives are the reallocation of administrative departmental space on two floors of the building and addressing life safety, building code, accessibility and deferred maintenance deficiencies. Design objectives include preserving the outstanding classical architecture while sensitively incorporating contemporary spaces and technology, maintaining a consistent open and light environment, and improving wayfinding within the building. In the existing central atrium, finishes, lighting and a new elevator enhance wayfinding and the value of the facility.

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