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Extension 4-H Youth Building
Extension 4-H Youth Building
Extension 4-H Youth Building
Extension 4-H Youth Building

Project Data: 23,000 GSF
Construction Cost: $3,300,000
Completion Date: October 2003

Envisioned as a “front door” for Extension Services to the Iowa State Campus, the Extension 4-H Youth Building is both an office building for Extension’s Communications and 4-H Youth programs, and an interactive exhibit space for Iowa Youth. Other spaces included in the building are video and radio studios for Extension Communications.

Located on the north side of campus, the building forms on the edge of an open courtyard bordered by campus office buildings. The building design consists of three linear and ascending volumes: open office space, building support space, and exhibit space. The three volumes are expressed by different materials. The office space is clad in horizontal ribbed metal panels, the support space in terracotta colored brick, and the exhibit space in curtainwall infilled with green glass and metal panels.

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