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Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

Home Office Building with Expansion
Home Office Building with Expansion
Home Office Building with Expansion

Project Data: 
Original–180,000 SF
Expansion–236,000 SF 

Client Need:
When Iowa Farm Bureau and its affiliated companies outgrew their downtown office building, a decision was made to move to a setting more connected to nature. This was motivated by the need for long-term growth along with the natural identity and affinity of the Farm Bureau with the land. A 55-acre, gently rolling site was selected west of the metropolitan area with easy access to the City and to the interstate system. 

BBS Approach:
This is a building literally “of the earth” as the major exterior and interior material is a rich brown brick with teak glass settings.

In 1987, it was determined that an addition should be designed to add 236,000 SF to the facility, doubling the size of the original building.

Project Results:

  • Space on each floor is divided into two 20,000 square foot office spaces with a central circulation and service “spine” connecting the elements. 
  • Openings between floors with natural daylight flooding from “monitors” above give an open and spacious feeling. 
  • The cafeteria on the first floor seats 265 persons and is easily converted to an auditorium seating 535.
  • Glass walls on three sides offer a sweeping view of the rolling Iowa countryside.
  • The 1987 addition consists of three basic elements:
  1. East Wing - Essentially a replica of the original building; connected by the Atrium to that building. 
  2. Atrium - The “main street” for the complex, designed to extend to the south to allow the addition of future office wings.  The Atrium is an open, two-story space with a skylit roof supported by a formal arrangement of concrete columns.  A new entrance structure is located at the north end of the Atrium. 
  3. West Wing-  Connects directly to the Cafeteria Wing of the original building expanding that facility and adding a Wellness Center, Day Care Facility, and  Conference Center. 
  • Additional surface parking was developed to support the expanded complex.
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