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Iowa Army National Guard

Dodge House Renovations
Dodge House Renovations
Dodge House Renovations

Project Area: 3,485 SF
Construction Cost: $394,000
Completed: 2017

The Historic Dodge House was constructed in 1942 as the Officer’s Dining Hall and Assembly Building for the Iowa Army National Guard (IAARNG) at Camp Dodge. The building sits prominently on the top of a hill overlooking the heart of Camp Dodge and includes a lounge, main dining hall, kitchen, and restrooms.

BBSAE’s design process for the renovation of the Dodge House was focused on preserving the overall character of the building inside and out while improving the functionality of the spaces and preparing the building’s spaces and infrastructure to be adaptable to the current and future operational needs of the IAARNG. Historic features were repaired and restored where possible, and new features and materials were designed to complement the building’s character. Major upgrades to the building’s mechanical and electrical systems also allow the IAARNG to utilize the Dodge House for training, meetings, and special events.

Proposed future improvements to the Dodge House include the addition of a large patio and outdoor kitchen. With sweeping views over the rest of Camp Dodge, the patio will serve as an extension of the main dining hall and provide additional opportunities for entertaining and gathering.

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