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MacKay Hall Auditorium Renovation
MacKay Hall Auditorium Renovation
MacKay Hall Auditorium Renovation
MacKay Hall Auditorium Renovation
MacKay Hall Auditorium Renovation
MacKay Hall Auditorium Renovation

Construction Data:
Size: 8,340 GSF Renovation
Construction Cost:

  • Estimated: $2,007,887
  • Bid: $1,928,000
  • Final: $2,155,488

Completion Date: 2014

The location, size and historical character of MacKay Hall establish this building and the related MacKay Hall Auditorium as significant landmarks within the context of the ISU campus. The design team was challenged by ISU’s College of Human Sciences to transform underutilized spaces in the building into enticing teaching and learning spaces to serve Iowa State’s rapidly growing student body.

The renovation of the first floor auditorium and adjacent spaces creates an optimum learning environment for 215 students within a rehabilitated historic envelope. An isolated balcony was removed in favor of stadium style platforms with swivel seating to facilitate interactive learning. State of the art lighting and communications technology complete the transformation.

Behind the seating platforms on first floor, a former lounge has been transformed to a welcome center functionally and visibly with two new offices and glass partitions. An adjacent corridor and large entry vestibule were rehabilitated to preserve historic materials. Batchelder tile fountains and a Christian Petersen designed sculpture were restored by the University.

Above the vestibule on second floor, a lecture room with stepped seating and obsolete fixed furniture was fully renovated into a 36 student classroom to meet the demand for small group interactive classes. Movable furniture, computer monitors and portable marker boards facilitate flexible and group learning.

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